Tetrax Geo Universal Mobile / Smartphone Holder for Car Air Vents - BLACK (sku 9474)

Tetrax Geo Universal Mobile / Smartphone Holder for Car Air Vents - BLACK (sku 9474)
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Genuine Tetrax Geo Line Invisible Attraction System vehicle air vent mounting solution for mobiles or smart phones.
Unique and stylish this is an air vent phone mount with a difference.

Made from 100% metal with a cover of anti-abrasion rubber.

Finish - BLACK

The mount is very small and extremely discrete.
The Tetrax Geo Line Vent Mount uses patented technology which works in harmony with your phone and will not effect its performance or looks.

How does it work?
The Tetrax Geo Line Vent Mount consists of a rotating ring which activates a screw and unscrew a pliers system which is coated in an anti-abrasion rubber to protect your vent slats.
Weighs less than 15 grams with a diameter of 15mm and a length of only 20mm.
Ergonomic in design, hard wearing and unalterable over time, thanks to the galvanizing treatment, characteristic of this model.

The Invisible Attraction system and make this one of the most attractive air vent mounts currently available.
View video below.



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Manufacturer Tetrax
Brand Universal
Mounting Type Vent
Color Black


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