TC Easy Fit Quick Release Car Air Vent Mount for Apple iPhone 5S (sku 18556)

TC Easy Fit Quick Release Car Air Vent Mount for Apple iPhone 5S (sku 18556)
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This particular phone holder is fitted for the Apple iPhone 5s. It hold the device in place by using a spring activated clip on the top, which allows you to easily insert and remove your device. The bottom half of cradle is a simple slide in fit, but every plug in and exterior button is accessible including the camera.

Bespoke cradle, designed for the Apple iPhone 5 & 5s only. Not suitable for use with an external case.

The 'Easy Fit' vent mount has done away with the traditional plastic clips which could on occasion be fiddly to use and replaced them with a single metal 'spring action'  mechanism which can be worked with just a finger.

Unlike many vent mounts on the market the Easy-Fit is suitable for both horizontal and vertical vent slat and even some curved or circular
vent slats. The vent clip post can be rotated through 360 degrees to suit your needs.

Requires a gap of 6mm (1/4") between vent slats.
Louvre maximum depth 30mm

Support feet are in position and have cushioned pads to protect the console / dash area and reduce vibration. 
The metal spring action gripper with it's plastic vent claw holds the mount securely against the vent.
The phone cradle is held on a ball joint which allows the screen to be viewed in portrait or landscape mode and has tilt adjustment to avoid sunlight glare.
Tightening ring secures position. 

Whats included?
1x easy fit vent mount
1x dedicated iPhone 5 TC cradle




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Manufacturer BuyBits
Fits Apple Apple iPhone 5S
Brand Apple
Mounting Type Vent
Color Black


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