Swivel Air Vent Car Kit Mount for Apple iPhone 3G & 3Gs with Charger & Audio Input / 3.5mm Jack Cable (sku 8774)

Swivel Air Vent Car Kit Mount for Apple iPhone 3G & 3Gs with Charger & Audio Input / 3.5mm Jack Cable (sku 8774)
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Vehicle air vent mount with a car audio stereo input USB & 3.5mm jack cable and  cigarette lighter charging adaptor for the Apple iPhone 3G / 3Gs .

High quality mount and audio / charging bundle.

The Cable:
Utilise your car's AUX Port and listen to the music on your Apple iPhone through your vehicles stereo system.
This 3 way multi connection cable has the following ends:
1 x iPhone dock connector
1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack plug to connect to your vehicle AUX Port or to your HiFi Stereo Amplifier.
1 x USB 2.0 connector to sync and charge.
Includes a USB Charging Adaptor for the cigarette / cigar lighter to charge while on the road.
Total cable length 1.2m

The Vent Mount:

Ultimate Addons vehicle air vent mount with a dedicated Apple iPhone 3G / 3Gs holder.
The vent mount uses the metal spring action design rather than the plastic crocodile clip style which attaches to the vent slats easily. (suitable for most standard slats)
Tidy and discreet, simply leave in place on the vent and just insert your Apple iPhone 3G / 3Gs for the journey.
Support foot reduces any vibration.
The slide in cradle can be positioned horizontally or vertically, ideal for SatNav or map application.
Swivel & tilt adjustment for the perfect viewing position.
Cradle & mount came retail boxed. Ideal as a gift.

Note: The bespoke 'slide in' cradle fits only the Apple iPhone 3G / 3Gs and is NOT suitable for use with a case or skin.

Important: Please ensure before purchase that your vehicle has 3.5mm AUX input jack.
Note: Some vehicles have 2.5mm AUX input jack, if so you will need an 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.



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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Fits Apple Apple iPhone 3GS
Brand Apple
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black


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