Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Golf Trolley Mount (sku 13939)

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Golf Trolley Mount (sku 13939)
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Ultimate Addons Waterproof, all weather Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy SII / 2 / i9100 with the PRO Golf Trolley Mount.

The PRO Golf Trolley Mount fits frames / handles of most golf carts / trolleys.
Suitable for oval & round bars or struts 19mm - 35mm with a minimum clear space of 42mm for fitting.
Secure TWIN screw fixture. Screwdriver required to fit.
Supplied with two liners to cushion against vibration and protect your handlebars.

The dedicated Tough Case with it's bespoke rubber liner allows access to all the major function areas of your smartphone.
You can still use the touch screen through the sensitive front lens, control volume, turn on/off, access headphones (inc: weather cap) and use your camera / video while protected in the case.
Supplied with a detachable soft web lanyard.

Waterproof IPX4 Tested - suitable for general use in most weather conditions.
The Tough Case performed well in wet weather conditions providing reliable protection against rain, snow & damp air.
NOTE: Do not submerge case or use underwater.



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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Fits Samsung Samsung GALAXY S II
Brand Samsung
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black


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