RAM Universal Phone/PDA/SATNav Holder RAM-HOL-UN5u (SKU 10275)

RAM Universal Phone/PDA/SATNav Holder RAM-HOL-UN5u (SKU 10275)
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RAM Universal Phone/PDA/SATNav Holder RAM-HOL-UN5u

This multi-functional cradle is perfect for holding a variety of devices and keeping them secure and within reach on the move.

The adjustable, spring loaded jaws close on your device to keep it firmly in place. Extra stability is provided by the jaws rubber lining which help to keep the device secure. A quick release button provides instant and easy removal of your device.

In addition, two adjustable feet provide extra support when the cradle is used in its portrait alignment. These feet both rotate and slide to provide full access to any of your devices ports and to allow for larger devices in landscape alignment. 

The cradles multi-functional design allows it to hold a variety of devices including mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs and SatNavs.

The cradle is suitable for use in lower vibration environments like cars, lorrys, vans and fleet vehicles. It is not suitable for use with motorcycles.

Clamping Jaws Dimensions: 1.75" (44mm) to 3.5" (89mm). Any device with either height or width dimensions outside of this range will not fit in the holder.


The holder comes with 2 bolts for fixing to any RAM compatible mounts.



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Manufacturer RAM
Brand Keine Angabe
Mounting Type Nein
Länge Nein
Color Black
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