RAM Medium Tough-Clamp with Double Socket Arm, 1inch Ball Diamond Base & Large Aqua Box Pro 20 (sku 18484)

RAM Medium Tough-Clamp with Double Socket Arm, 1inch Ball Diamond Base & Large Aqua Box Pro 20 (sku 18484)
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RAM Medium Tough-Clamp with Double Socket Arm,1" Ball Diamond Base & Large Aqua Box Pro 20.  RAM-HOL-AQ7-2COU

A weather resistant / splash proof high strength composite case.

Design allows access to all the side buttons.

Optically clear, replaceable membrane screen.

Case internal dimensions; fits phones up to 136.6mm x 71mm x 13.9mm.

The Tough-Clamp is that extra pair of hands most people have needed at some point.

Extremely versatile with endless applications.
Clamps to flat surfaces and square rails up to 44.4mm & round rails from 19mm to 28.5mm.

Swiveling padded jaws for protective, stable and even gripping.

Provision for a second 1" ball to allow doubling of the mounting potential.

Adjustment points at both ends of the 3 inch double socket arm.

Mount allows for optimum viewing position.

Manufactured from high strength composite and glass filled nylon.

Lifetime warranty.

Made in U.S.A.

RAM-HOL-AQ7-2C / RAP-B-238 / RAP-B-201 / RAP-B-397-2



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