Motorcycle iPod Touch 4th Gen Charger with DIN/Standard Car Lighter Adapter Plug (SKU 14673)

Motorcycle iPod Touch 4th Gen Charger with DIN/Standard Car Lighter Adapter Plug (SKU 14673)
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The Powerlink range of iPod chargers are all TUV certified, monitored and fully DIN ISO standard compliant.
The Powerlink™ DIN Plug is superior to the cigarette lighter type plug. 
Powerlink chargers are shockproof, vibration proof and waterproof. Suitable for cars, vans, motorcycles, lorries 4 x4's, boats, ATV's etc.
Features coiled cable stretching to over 80cm and a swivel-adapter that can rotate up to 90 degrees. The standard Car Lighter adapter can be removed to show a DIN/Hella adapter. 

Motorcycle iPod Charger with DIN Plug.
Complete with internal voltage regulator that allows direct connection to the device, with an output of 5v, 700mA.

DIN plug connects to DIN Hella style, BMW type accessory socket.

Cable length: 
80cm stretched, 32cm coiled

Output:  5v, 700mA

Suitable for any iPhone/iPod device.



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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Fits Apple Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen
Brand Apple
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black


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