Locking Strap Golf Trolley Galaxy S2 i9100 Tough Case Mount UK/EU version (sku 14205)

Locking Strap Golf Trolley Galaxy S2 i9100 Tough Case Mount UK/EU version (sku 14205)
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Locking Strap Golf Trolley Mount with Dedicated Waterproof Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / Sll. (For EU & UK versions ONLY)
Weather resistant to IPX4 standard.
For general use, protects from rain showers and damp weather.

The Locking Strap is the most universal mounting option the Ultimate Addons range offers.
So versatile, ideal for awkward cart or trolley framework & irregular sized handlebars.
Suitable for square, oval & round handlebars, frames, poles or bar.
Fits minimum diameter of 21mm & maximum diameter 40mm.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 / Sll Tough Case (UK/EU only)
Access your mobile phone while protected within the case via the touch sensitive lens. This lens has been made for today’s technology, the view remains clear and the sensitivity remains very responsive.
The Touch Case is hinged with two secure side clamps which click reassuringly in place.
Bespoke internal moulded silicon liner for the Samsung Galaxy S2 UK / EU only. Designed to contour the Galaxy S2, cushioning it against knocks or bumps and reducing shock if dropped.
Included is a detachable soft web lanyard with safety clasp.
Power cable & function button access.
The power access point is supplied with a removable bung to insert into the recess when power is not required.
Removable sealed access to Headphone Socket.
Camera access.

What's included?

1 x Ultimate Addons dedicated Samsung Galaxy S2 / Sll Tough Case for UK & EU versions only.
1 x Locking Strap Mount



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Manufacturer Samsung
Fits Samsung Samsung GALAXY S II
Brand Samsung
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