Krusell SEALABOX iPhone 4S Waterproof Case (Yellow) (SKU 13662)

Krusell SEALABOX iPhone 4S Waterproof Case (Yellow) (SKU 13662)
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Krusell SEALABOX Waterproof Case for iPhone 4S & iPhone 4

This stylish yellow case is perfect for keeping your IPhone clean and dry in almost all circumstances. It is IPX7 approved allowing you complete waterproof protection to a depth of 1m for 30 mins. In addition the SEALABOX is dirt and sand resistant and is quick and easy to clean.

As well as the obvious beach and poolside applications, the SEALABOX is also great for fishing, sailing, gardening and will even keep your IPhone safe in a waterfight.

Its touch sensitive front allows you to use your IPhone whilst it's still inside and a clear window on the back means you can still capture photos and videos with ease. In fact the SEALABOX allows you to take photos and videos underwater adding a whole new dimension to your IPhone.

Neckstrap included.

Internal Dimensions: 116x59x15mm


Note: The design and waterproof nature of this case means that the controls and ports around the edge of your IPhone are not accessible whilst it is inside the case.


This case has been tested to international waterproofing standards. However, the waterproofness of your SEaLABox depends on the user closing and opening it carefully. It is important that the case does not get damaged either before or during use. Please follow all instructions carefully.




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Manufacturer Krussell
Fits Apple Apple iPhone 4S
Brand Apple
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black


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