Fused & Adjustable Hella / DIN or Standard Cigarette Lighter Power Plug (sku 8831)

Fused & Adjustable Hella / DIN or Standard Cigarette Lighter Power Plug (sku 8831)
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  • This allows you to connect a 12VDC device to a Hella / DIN or standard size cigarette lighter socket
  • This cable can plug into either the Hella / DIN type socket or the standard size cigarette lighter socket, by removing or adding  the red cap
  • Can be used in motorcycles, caravans etc.
  • 1 Amp fuse provided and a flexible strain relief for the cable exit
  • This plug can also be adjusted to a right angle, straight on or twisted so that it can fit many angles. This is especially useful in BMW motorcycles with the power socket under the seat, avoiding the cable obstructing the riders legs
  • Best suited for motorcycles with undertank power socket
  • Inside the plug, the wire terminals have screws so no need for soldering


Product Code : SPD02



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Manufacturer BuyBits
Brand Universal
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black


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