BuyBits Ultimate Galaxy Note 8.0 Vehicle Air Vent Tablet Car Mount (sku 16947)

BuyBits Ultimate Galaxy Note 8.0 Vehicle Air Vent Tablet Car Mount (sku 16947)
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BuyBits Ultimate Galaxy Note 8.0 Vehicle Air Vent Tablet Car Mount (sku 16947)

SKU: 16947

Slim Gripper Adjustable Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet PC.

The BuyBits 'Ultimate' air vent mount is an innovative mounting option which attaches to the slats of your vehicle's air vent slats.

This adjustable tablet car mount will accommodate the use of a protective case or skin - Slim line design with spring release arms - includes alternative lengths of arms to ensure different styles of case can be accommodated.

Unlike other plastic vent mounts the BuyBits 'Ultimate' mount uses a metal jaw with a protective rubber liner to attach to the slats.

The base is small and discreet and can be left in situ allowing you to add the cradle as required.

Suitable for most vent slats - requires a minimum gap of 6mm between slats.

Vent attachment can be rotated to fit vertical and horizontal slats.

Includes an optional removable metal support foot.

Spring action support arms - Includes set of 4 legs for big cases, adjustable to keep buttons and ports free.

Will accommodate the majority of phone cases or skins on the market.

360º tilt & swivel.

How does the vent base work?
The new Ultimate vent mount uses a small metal jaw which, when offered up to the vent slat and tightened provides a discreet, secure mounting base for the cradle.
The jaws are rubber lined to protect your slats.
The base is provided with an additional support foot which can be used when the air vent slats and slope of the dashboard require extra stability.

What's included?
'Ultimate' air vent base with support foot
Slim Gripper release cradle
17mm ball adaptor
Instruction sheet






Bullet 1 New BuyBits 'Ultimate' vehicle / car air vent mount with Slim Gripper adjustable cradle for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. This innovative product is unlike other plastic vent mounts, the BuyBits 'Ultimate' mount uses a metal jaw, rubber lined for pr
Bullet 2 The mount is small, discreet and unobtrusive which enables it to be left in place when not in use, the cradle can be added when required.
Bullet 3 Fits vents with a minimum gap of 6mm (0.2") between slats; suitable for most vent slats; vent attachment can be rotated to fit both vertical and horizontal slats; 360� tilt & swivel.
Bullet 4 Mount is supplied with a slim-line adjustable tablet holder with spring release arms which will accommodate the device using an additional case or skin. This design also ensures buttons and ports can be revealed. Includes set of four legs to accommodate b
Bullet 5 What's included? 'Ultimate' air vent base with support foot; Slim Gripper release cradle; 17mm ball adaptor; Instruction sheet.
Manufacturer BuyBits
Fits Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Brand BuyBits Addons
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black
EAN DNU 5052010030961


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