Adjustable Galaxy Note 10.1 Heavy Duty 12inch Flexible Music / Mic Stand Mount (sku 17846)

Adjustable Galaxy Note 10.1 Heavy Duty 12inch Flexible Music / Mic Stand Mount (sku 17846)
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Adjustable Galaxy Note 10.1 & 8.0 Heavy Duty 12" Flexible Music / Mic Stand Mount (sku 17846)

SKU: 17846

Adjustable C-Clamp Mount with the BuyBits adjustable tablet cradle for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & 8.1 tablet.

For use with a protective case.

The 12" flexible neck and C-Clamp base fits flat & round stands, bar, rail and posts. The clamp is adjustable to fit on wide or narrow surfaces.

A strong, removable, portable mounting option.

Adjustable tablet cradle with pull out support feet which accommodate a variety of cases or skins.
Although we cannot state that your case will fit we have tried this tablet holder with many styles and make of case with success.




Bullet 1 Strong, secure music stand mount which both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & 8.0 tablets . Use with or without a case or skin.
Bullet 2 Heavy duty design, hard wearing ideal for daily use. This mount consists heavy duty adjustable C-clamp mount base with an adjustable tablet cradle which will accommodate most protective cases.
Bullet 3 Fits any music or microphone stand. 12" flexible neck ensures minimum shake & judder on stage.
Bullet 4 Adjustable tablet holder will accommodate a variety of cases & skins. Feet pull out to neatly fit around the tablet.
Bullet 5 Lipped design reduces the risk of the tablet falling forward in the cradle. Ratchet spine has a locking tab to hold securely. Cradle held on a ball joint for 360� tilt & swivel. What's included? 1 x Heavy duty clamp base 1 x Adjustable tablet cradle
Manufacturer BuyBits
Brand BuyBits Addons
Mounting Type Nein
Color Black
EAN DNU 5052010834149


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